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 Clan Rules (Code Of Honor)

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PostSubject: Clan Rules (Code Of Honor)   Clan Rules (Code Of Honor) Icon_minitimeSat May 23, 2015 3:44 pm

1. Insulting members on national, religious or other grounds as well as private insults will not be tolerated at any point was it within the game during the match or on social networks, this means that such members be immediately expelled from the clan without the possibility of returning to the clan, so please any future members to take care of their behavior because it is a reflection of the character of this society.

2. Be active every day for at least 1 hour if it is able.

3. Every new player add to favorites so you'll know where it is that player with whom you can play together.

4. Do not ever play against your members and that way endanger that player to complete contract or w-task ..... etc.

5. If you play hardcore (HC), do not kill your players intentionally.

6. Try to always play as a team, not as an individual because you join a clan who is plays as a team.

These are rules that I believe will be greatly appreciated.

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Clan Rules (Code Of Honor)
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