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PostSubject: Attention!   Attention! Icon_minitimeWed May 27, 2015 4:31 pm

If you're new to the forum, it is requested that you read through this section in order to ground yourself with our guidelines and rules in order to make your time here, a pleasant, enjoyable experience.

Insulting or attacking a Mod will result in a ban, this includes but is not limited to, Flaming, Harassing, Accusing, Cursing at, or anything else related, The staff have earned the right to be respected and should be respected!

1. Always treat other members with respect.

2. Always keep good relations with our members.

3. Please, do not use colors, because if you use them way too much, they loose their meaning and it will be messy.

4. Don’t write with BIG LETTERS, cause it is uncomfortable to read.

5. Don’t use too much !!!!!!!! and ???????? marks. They are annoying.

6. No spamming. Junk posts and off topic discussion will be removed immediately.

7. When posting, please remember to keep your posts legible and check your spelling, undecipherable topic entries make it hard for other members to read and understand what you are explaining, please take this into consideration.

8. Warez isn’t allowed in forum, and porno pictures and other sites are extremely not allowed in forum.

9. Only ONE account per member. Any members without a valid excuse for having alternate identities will be warned and possibly face a ban.

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