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 Let The Hunt Begin!

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PostSubject: Let The Hunt Begin!   Let The Hunt Begin! Icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2015 1:26 am

I'am the founder and leader of Clan: AVP

Clan is created: 22.08.2014

What this clan stands out from others is the help provided by me as a leader who takes care of its members and with numerous tips help players to achieve better results.
The results can already notice after you reach level 30.

In other clans are left to themselves, no one does not help you until you make a mistake, so you do not know what skills to unlock, how best to build your tree for each class, which are good and which are bad weapons ..... etc!

Here, the situation is different, each of our member in question always get an answer directly from me.

Only the most loyal players as part of our clan!

Clan capacity is limited to: 100 members!
The clan will not increase more than this number.
None of our members can not be a lieutenant or officer.
Just at the time when it starts Clan Races, we will determine a number of players who will be officers for the duration of Clan Races, after the completion of these same players again will be contractors!
When the time comes to leave this clan, will be promoted best player, with the highest respect, by all our members, new clan leader!

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Let The Hunt Begin!
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