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 Contracts Guide!

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PostSubject: Contracts Guide!   Contracts Guide! Icon_minitimeWed Jan 13, 2016 3:16 pm

This is a guide how to finish all your CONTRACTS on easy way!

To work on this u must to have:
* Patience;
* Motivation;
* Agility;
* And Determination!

Contract Wars have some low lvl servers and is easy to work on them with newbies if you CONTRIBUTE to the clan from start after u reach lvl 10 all your contribution to the 75%. In this case u will stay a long time in low servers!

This is all servers:
* Level 0-15 ServersĀ  (low lvl server)
* Level 16-40 Servers (low lvl server)
* Level 30-59 servers (low lvl server)
* Level 40 Hardcore Servers (after u reach lvl 40)
* Level 45-70 Servers
* Level 60-70 Servers

From start u get:
5 SP, 50 GP and 22.000 CR on account!

By leveling from lvl 0 until lvl 10 u will be rewarded with 1 SP, 10 GP and 1.000 CR until u reach lvl 10. This means if u save all your GP from start these 50 GP on account and these by leveling until lvl 10 u will have 150 GP + u will earn some GP by finishing small amount of contracts, and u will have about 200+ GP tht's a small gift for start from Developers who can help u to continue and finish all your CONTRACTS!

Why I say this?
Because u need from start to unlock one really usefull skill who will help u to finish all your contracts faster! That skill is called CONTRACT EXPERT and skill costs for 30 days only 199 GP! For that time you can earn for yourself more GP by playing games on KONGREGATE (Free Third-Party offers). There u can earn 20 KREDS for 1 month and invest for yourself more GP to continue with CONTRACTS campaign!
Contracts Guide! NSs1qf8

For 20 KREDS u can purchased in your account double GP at first time!

For these CONTRACT campaign u need only to invest for yourself about 600 GP to rent CONTRACT EXPERT skill (Two and a half months) that's the time what u need to finish everything!

But how CONTRACTS campaign works?
To finish all these u must to play DAILY not to play all the time, if u play all the time u will scrow everything and u will grow up with lvl fast and locked low lvl servers and u will stuck on huge lvl with PROSS players than u will suffer.

Playing daily means: That u only need to focus on contracts (BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD).

In this campaign there is no working on TASKING weapons.

But why don't to task weapons?
Because if u going to task weapons u will grow up with lvl and stuck again with PROSS players on huge lvl, that's the good reason why u can't task guns!

When I can start to task weapons?
After u finish your all CONTRACTS, that means after u reach lvl 59, you will be skillfull player and for you tasking weapons will be peace of cake, easy to task cuz you will be skilled PROSS player!

About skill points (SP)!
From start u get free 5 SP and if u finish all your CONTRACTS u will collected 46 SP more than by leveling untill u reach lvl 59 you will have: 5+46+59 = 110 SP

Next step is to purchase 10 SP more from your own account 10 SP is costs 500 GP ( 1 SP cost 50 GP)

5+46+59 = 110 SP + 10 SP more if u purchase = 120 SP

After u continue to play and reach other levels, until u reach lvl 70 you will earned 11 SP more, that means you will have maximum amount of SP:

5+46+59 = 110 SP + 10 SP more if u purchase = 120 SP + 11 SP from lvl 60 to the lvl 70 => 131 SP!

But that's not all, if u have luck on roulette maybe u earn 1-3 SP more!

In this campaign never: Rent Any Booster Packs until u finish all your contracts. Maybe you will get sometimes on roulette some boosters for 6 Hours, in that case wait to that time expire and you can continued to work on contracts!

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Contracts Guide!
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